New Chanel "Sombrero" aka Updated Ultimate Soft?

  1. Hi ladies, I need your help! I'm looking for the new woven ultimate soft/sombrero bag in BLACK. Has anyone seen this in a brick & mortar store yet?? It's only available in red where I am...

    Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. Never mind, I called my SA and she said black's not out yet. I'm going to go ahead and get the red for the EGC event tomorrow and exchange it for the black when it comes in. Will definitely post pictures after I pick it up this weekend (and after I learn how to resize my photos so that they are smaller) ;)
  3. how much are they? and how many sizes does it come in now? thanks
  4. I don't know for sure whether there are different sizes (probably are) but the one I am getting tomorrow is $2425. Ouch!!
  5. i've seen pics of them, and they are just gorgeous!!