New! Chanel So Black Medium Chevron

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  1. Hi all,

    I am not sure if congrats are in order or wether or not I got scammed.

    A week ago I had found a Chanel so black medium chevron online. My dream bag!! My gut was telling me that it was too good of a deal to be true because I had been looking for this bag for two years and all of the so black chevrons were over €4000. The lady I bought it from had just gotten a divorce so I thought perhaps she needed the money and was selling the bag because of financial issues.

    Yesterday I picked my new baby up from a lady, we met at a public place (potential red flag) in the dark.

    I bought it for €3000 but I am now having doubts about the authenticity. I mean, its a beautiful bag but this price just seems too low.

    I want to go to Chanel tomorrow (Monday) but I just want to post it here to see if you ladies can help me out here. Please be kind.
  2. C21296F6-34AF-4EDD-BEBC-F0CD74DD90C0.jpeg E7332C73-CC3F-47A3-A1A6-07CF889F4237.jpeg E7DEEA27-D674-4A3B-AA2E-3B665BD41168.jpeg C664439D-A346-472F-A6C1-95C58177D3DC.jpeg 98D40973-2481-4A51-9A3C-A1CBEF8B6349.jpeg AA6E8B4D-2F8C-4CD6-981E-AB43A8899E0D.jpeg ED3C0578-AC85-46BD-AE42-8FC2FAAA7CF0.jpeg
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  3. 09C1152F-00A6-4FB6-8A45-B45B58367986.jpeg 2EA61989-A404-4A03-888A-D3D499F377EB.jpeg 12E7F7D6-13DA-4872-B31E-C53FB3272C3E.jpeg A8243287-2607-48CA-9D28-FFE087165AAF.jpeg
  4. I cannot be certain as merely from my own experience as a jumbo chevron owner - this bag looks off to me. Sorry if I disappoint unnecessarily - perhaps a pic of mine is around this forum somewhere - stitching and chain look plus vs mismatching up
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  5. If you haven't already, try posting for authentication here:

    Just follow the posting guidelines in that thread and hopefully they can let you know if it's fake or not.

    I hope it all works out for you! But try to always authenticate before purchasing a bag. There's so many fakes and superfakes out there.
  6. I hope I'm wrong but it looks off to me as well but then I'm not an authenticator.
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  7. People sell for much higher prices the so black bags, nobody would sell for just 3000! The bag and the invoice doesn’t look good to me... my so black chevron jumbo had shiny hw... good luck... hope u can do something to get ur money back..
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  8. I have this bag as a jumbo, I also think it doesn't look right. Post in the 'authenticate this' thread. Try designer wish bags as you are in Europe if you want a bag that is likely to be authentic. Of course check it out here or with a paid service before buying. Good luck
  9. I own only the jumbo size. Other people stated they thought there was something off about your bag. I am not an authenticator but I would like to know what they found to be off about your bag. I think it looks just fine!
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    I know the authenticator won't publicly say what they think is off with the bag to prevent people from selling fakes/superfakes.

    I pulled up pictures of a Chanel lambskin so black in medium and there are 2 things that stand out to me if you look closely at the Chevron pattern & number of lines. Hopefully i'm not breaking any rules by saying this. But hopefully we are all wrong and it turns out to be authentic
  11. I have to agree with the others, this looks off to me as well. I don't think it is authentic. I am sorry this happened to you.
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    I did.
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    How did you confirmed it ???
  14. care to share?
  15. how?