New Chanel Shopping Bag 2013!

  1. Hi all,

    I just got a new Chanel bag last week and we were told that it was the 'new' version of the Chanel GST. I googled it, went to the Chanel website and checked it here, but no information about the bag was to be found.

    I purchased it in the Chanel store, so no worries there, but I'm just a bit curious why there is so little known about the bag. Does anyone hear about it before? It sure was a lot pricier than the regular GST.

    Thanks for your help!

    x Kay
  2. Could you post a pic of it?

  3. hmmmm, you have us curious! Please post a picture here :smile:
  4. Will need more info.
    It sounds similiar to the tote bag i bought recently.
    It is called Paradoxal.
    Does your tote have feet?
  5. There is an extra large GST that was released last fall and is back this spring.

  6. I'm curious too!! post PIC please
  7. Yes...Please post pics!!! Thank you!!!
  8. :couch:
  9. So cute!!
  10. Might this be the tote?
  11. If it is, I like it much better than the gst.
  12. Any info on this tote? price? name?
  13. Oooh this is drool worthy!
  14. Oh me geee, if this comes in Caviar, my prayers have been heard: a "GST" without the big CC logo but with the gold CC instead. If it has feet too then ... :woot:
  15. please tell us more!