New Chanel Shopper Tote Black/white

  1. Just received a new 2006/2007 FALL-WINTER READY-TO-WEAR CATALOG WITH PRICE LIST. There is a large shopper tote black leather jumbo CC logo and also one in white . Description on price list states bag with interlaced chain / 1750 EURO current exchange rate with the dollar approx. $23OO. Also, a very large calfskin bowling bag in black. Cannot give a good description because the half the bag is hidden behind the model /1850 EURO , dollar exchange rate about $2450. SA in Paris gave me information on a new bag on calfskin that comes in the following colors: turquoise, dr. gold, grey, burg.,dr. brown, and black. 1250 EURO approx. $1650 U.S. dollars. 17x37x18 cm which means this is a large bag. However, I do not have a picture. If anyone is interested in these new bags let me know and I will forward the style number. With this you will be able to give your Chanel complete information. Then they will be able to go to their INTRANET or style book and answer any of your questions.
  2. Sent out a thread about this bag weeks ago but received zero replies. Not sure since the catalog picture is not the best. Prehaps, this is the bag Nicole is carrying.
  3. Can you scan the page{s}
  4. Swanky,
    A picture is already posted. Go to updated pic. of Nicole. On page 4 mellow_yellow_jen posted from another post. Pop open 2006/2007 and that is the ba . The picture is not good. You probably have this Chanel catalog. Has any one actually seen this bag?