New Chanel Sale items

  1. Contact Peggy @ (206) 628-1253 or email me (
  2. ultimate soft is GONE.
  3. omg that ultimate soft is just FABBB. congrats to the lucky buyer!
  4. Note-That shouldn't say email 'me'-obviously I'm not peggy! I just copied and pasted from my email :shame:
  5. I will model the ultimate soft once I receive it :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. awww!!! Congrats Aquahot!!! you're fast!

    OT: You're baby is SOOOO CUTE!!!! :love:
  7. Oooo that Ultimate is yummy, well done aquahot!
  8. Yes, the ultimate soft is a great find (and price!).
  9. wow great prices!!!! under $500!!!! crazy@! thanks for sharing
  10. Ladies, I spoke to Peggy and all Chanels are GONE...:crybaby:
  11. thank you thank you :smile:
  12. some great prices. Great find for someone. Thanks for posting.
  13. ^ OMG. She's right! That is one adorable baby~:love:
  14. OMG that navy blue quilted one is gorgeous!! I'm glad I missed the deal because my wallet can't take any big expenditures right now!! Congrats on all you ladies who scored today!
  15. Congrats Aquahot! That ultimate soft is really cute and a great price.