New Chanel Purchases from Saks

  1. Still trying to perfect this attachment thing!:confused1: And trying to watermark also, please be patient I will get it right at some point!!:yes:
    Chanel Grande Shopping Tote (Front).jpg Chanel GS Tote (back).JPG Chanel Black Tweed Ballets.jpg
  2. OooooH. Very pretty. Is that the GST in Black? I have the petite and I love it.
  3. One more time................:rolleyes:
    chanel grande shopping tote (front) (2).jpg Chanel Black Tweed Ballets (2).jpg Chanel Round Toe Pump.JPG
  4. Yes, the Grand Shopping Tote in Large. Color is Black w/ Silver hardware
    Price $1650.00+tax since I purchased from Saks instead of BDs NYC.
    However since I always buy my Chanel from BDs I did not have a Saks credit card so I opened a Saks account and got 10% off of the GST and the two pair of shoes.:flowers:

    The style number of the GST A20995Y01588.

    If any of you PFers would like my SA contact @ Saks in Atlanta PM me. She will give the 10% off first day purchases on ALL Chanel products.
  5. Wow! :drool: You are on a roll!! Congrats on the gorgeous bag and shoes!

  6. Thanks!! I am through w/ black bags and black shoes. Now it is on to the more colorful items. I felt I had to add some basic black pieces to my collection. I already had the black/white cc Cambon tote and the Silver Luxe Bowler.
    I am anxious for the Oversized Coco (baby Cabas) to arrive @ BDs NYC!!!!:yahoo:
  7. I love that bag I have a black and a white. What color are you getting?
  8. Checking for the watermark.

    Still dont have it-- better go back and read Swanky's link again!
    chanel grande shopping tote (front) (2).jpg
  9. Lets hear it one more time for the watermark!!:nuts:

    OK I give up for this post-- you girls are going to think I am a ding-dong!
    chanel grande shopping tote (front) (2).jpg
  10. Cute GST! I was thinking about getting that one or the classic.
  11. Loves it! One of my favorite Chanel classic pieces!
  12. GORGEOUS!!!

    Loveee the shoes too!!
  13. Great bag. Classic piece. Congrats.

    Don't feel bad about the pics and watermarking. I too am having some difficulties after reading many different threads. I feel so stupid about these things. I keep trying though. We'll get it at some point.

  14. Yay, Penny! Glad to see you finally purchased the GST. I adore mine!! You are going to love yours too.
  15. YAAYY!!! The GST is an awesome bag!! You will LOVE it!!!