New Chanel Purchase

  1. My S/A called to confirm that she a has all of my items ready to ship!!:yahoo:

    I purchased the MC Tote in black, the sunglasses with the black oversized frames w/ silver CC has the hinges, a pearl and black CC belt and my S/A choose black leather cap toe bow pumps w/ 2" heel. I have not seen the shoes, I just told her I wanted black pumps with a lower heel. Can't wait to get it all!!!

    BD has an event form cardholders starting on Monday, so she will have to wait until then to complete the charge and ship the items. This event gives
    me triple points on my BD card and a $15 giftcard for every $100 spent. So as much as I want my items NOW, I can not pass up those savings. Of course I will indulge myself and have it sent overnight!:P

    I have not seen the belt, I wanted the new necklace I saw in Harpers Bazzar but it is not in yet and really the price is a bit much, I am sure I would not spend that money on a necklace when I can put it into another new bag. The belt I am receiving I will wear as a necklace. BD has Friends&Family the week before Thanksgiving the incentives are better for that event so I will wait for my wallet that matches the MC Tote and I want to purchase some ballets. I saw a pic posted on this site of the black ones that match the Bowler from the Lux Ligne that were cute.

    If anyone has any shoes that sound similar to the ones I described I would love to hear from you about them, also this is my first Chanel shoe purchase. My S/A decided my size in other shoes would work for me in Chanel, how about you ladies, are your Chanel shoes true to size as with other brands?

    Thanks for letting me "talk"-- this is a great forum!!!:wlae:
  2. how exciting!!! I just ordered the mc flap but im waiting also for the charity event!!!
  3. Where did you order you bag? What color did you order? I think I will really like the MC Tote. I have the Cambon Tote and the Bowler for the Luxe Ligne.
    I have just gotten into Chanel this year and now I think I am becoming OCD!! LOL
  4. How much did you pay for the belt? I'm thinking of getting one too, but couldn't find any that I really like so far.
  5. Oooh, congrats! Hopefully you can post some photos for us!!
  6. Sophia - The belt was $1045.00, I know too much, but I dont' have a belt-lol - I will post pics so you can see the belt.

    Swanky - I will be delighted to post pics as soon as I understand how to make them become thumbnails so I don't appear to be a dork!
    My items won't arrive until mid next week. Any input on the shoes I mentioned?
  7. Congrats on your new items. It's so exciting getting new Chanel pieces. Pls. post pics. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks Debbie! I can't wait!!! I will post pics asap!!!
  9. Congratulation. The pearl black CC belt must be very pretty.
  10. I have not seen the belt, I am going on my S/As description. At this point when it arrives it will be a total surprise.
  11. So much at once!

    This is very exciting. Can't wait to see pictures!

  12. Wow, that is a lot for a belt! -- can't wait to see your pics!:yes:
  13. I know Pink, I plan to make only one belt purchase. Really I think once I have one that doubles as a necklace I will be satisfied. The handbags are my weak spot. I remember when I bought my first LV, I was struggling with spending $800+, now I have purchased 3 Chanels this year. This one that will ship on Monday was $2225.00. As I read on this forum it gets easier to spend that kind of money the more handbags you acquire! Yikes:sweatdrop: I'm in REAL trouble!!!! LOL

  14. That is an awesome purchase! It's like an early xmas!
  15. Chrissie,
    I am so glad you posted to this thread, I have been wanting to tell you your Avatar of your "fur baby" is adorable!!!

    Well, I would hope I don't buy any more Chanel before Christmas, but BD's is having Friends&Family event the week before Thanksgiving :nuts: , so I don't know if I have that much self control -