New Chanel Purchase

  1. My favorite SA (who has impeccable taste) just sent me this bag. This was the only one in red at the store and she thought it was fabulous. She is more of a risk-taker rather than going with the classics, as am I.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color and shape of the bag. Not sold on the handle.

    What do you think? One picture with flash, one without.

    Background color on the walls is chocolate brown. I know red is hard to photograph.
    chanel1a.jpg CIMG0833.jpg
  2. Oooh I THINK I saw that at the trunk show!!! Is it pretty big?

    I saw it in navy and almost waitlisted for it!!!

    It's the first true hobo I'd seen by Chanel IRL.
  3. I just received a red Diamond Stitch tote...while I love it on one the other, I am not sure if I would use it...

    I tried the hobo above on and found the fit to be strange...I do like it, but I could not get used to the look/feel...

    Best of luck with your decision!
  4. It was too stiff and awkward for me as a hobo.... I bought the flap in theat color and I returned it b/c it didn't fit well. I have to say that I Love the color, just not the style!!
  5. Swanky this bag came in two sizes. This is the smaller of the two and I would say is a little larger than a football.

    SoCal you are so right - it is the "fit" I am having a problem with. It does have a completely different look without all the stuffing inside but still somewhat awkward feeling when I wear it.

    My SA called to ask how I like the bag and I told her to send her second choice (which was also in red).
  6. Aaah, the larger one, I tried on was actually comfortable. . . may the drop was more practical on the strap?
  7. I will post pics of the second choice. Last resort I will take a look at the larger one. I love how it is Chanel yet not quite Chanel. Does that make sense?

    Anyone loving the un-Chanel patchwork? She said the craftsmanship and colors were "over the moon" but I am still thinking on that one. She mentioned a "painted python" bag in pinky/purple? Has anyone seen it IRL?

    My problem is I live in Wisconsin and have to drive 2 hours in Chicago traffic to get to the Michigan Avenue store. With 3 boys at home (oldest is 11, youngest is 8) this not so practical for me. So I have to rely on the eyes of others. Just another reason I LOVE THIS FORUM!
  8. Yes, it makes perfect sense, I LOVE that about Chanel this season.

    LOTS of unconventional designs for them IMO. . . love it!
    I think they're quickly losing their "older woman" stigma.
  9. Maxter...I was trying to place Elm Grove...I grew up in WI and went to UW Madison...but anyway... Is the bag below the patchwork you are referring to? I am liking it somehow, but have not seen/tried it IRL...

  10. SoCal Elm Grove is teeny, tiny community that is about 4 square miles. We are bordered by Milwaukee County on one side and Waukesha county on the other three sides. Elm Grove is about an hour east of Madison.

    I posted my city in hope that someone else from around here would be in the forum. No luck. As you know Wisconsin is very understated when it comes to fashion and money. There is plenty of old money around here but you would never know it. I went to Marquette but Madison (great school) was my second choice!

    Thanks for commenting on the patchwork. I think it would be a "fun, I'm wearing jeans running around town yet trying to pull off an understated fashion kind of thing!" I hope it's not too "Vincent" or "Angela".
  11. WOWW i love it!
    its so pretty !!!
  12. Its cute, but way too small for me!
  13. It's adorable!! I loveeee the handles and the color!!

    What a sweet SA, congrats!