new chanel purchase- 2.55 washed lambskin blue :)

  1. Hi all- I just bought this 2.55 in washed lambskin at the Chanel boutique in Honolulu on vacation! It is a distressed lambskin leather- only thing, as much as I do really love it- will I get sick of the light blue color- it does look great as a casual bag as the leather is not stuffy- but maybe a black luxe line bowler would be more practical? opinions? Thanks all! :smile:
    WashedLambskin.jpg IMG_0537 (Large).JPG IMG_0538 (Large).JPG IMG_0539 (Large).JPG
  2. I have seen that bag in person, the color is gorgeous! Honestly/personally, I don't like the washed lambskin. I much prefer the black luxe bowler, I think the bowler is prettier and I don't think you'll get tired of it as quick. But you should stick to the bag that you love and that suits your lifestyle.
  3. I really like this! However, you may get sick of the blue, especially if you're already having thoughts about maybe getting tired of it. What is the price difference between this and the luxe bowler? Personally, I would go with the bowler because I love the luxe line. Have you tried this on at the boutique? If not, go see how you like it, I bet you'll know which one when you have seen both!
  4. hands down luxe line for me :smile:
  5. I like the distressed leather! a bowler is more versatile.. but I prefer shoulder bags :smile: But black is so classic... tough choice! Either one would be a fantastic addition to ur collection though!
  6. The light blue color is beautiful, especially if you're wearing jeans. The bowler is much more versatile.
  7. Personally, I buy color only after I have my basic bags taken care of. for example: I own the 2.55 Grey re-issue, a black Accordion shoulder bag, a Cerf tote in black and a chocolate Bolt handbag. So, now I feel I can build my collection with color. I guess I'm saying that if this is your first Chanel purchase, you might want to select something like the 2.55 re-issue in grey or black instead of the blue OR choose the bowler. These bags will last a lifetime.
  8. congrats on your bag!
    i personally think the washed lambskin is classier than the luxe bowler. the blue looks beautiful and i think it's a versatile color that can accommodate different outfits.
    i hope you keep the lambskin! =)
  9. Ohh very pretty!! Your pictures make it look much better than the pics in the ads. The color is nice but I'm stil not a big fan of the washed lambskin. Go for the luxe!
  10. i like the luxe line more, but this looks alot better in your pics than in the ads (they're much more washed out in the ads, imo)
  11. GORGEOUS color!

    A question for the Chanel experts here -- does Chanel make this color (or other pastel colors, such as light green -- in 2.55) in CAVIAR leather? If so, is it available anywhere this season?
  12. wooooooooooooooooow
    i love's so gorgouse!
    it's definetaly a keeper :smile:
  13. Foxy, I haven't seen these colors in the caviar leather yet. The re-issue is only in black and grey as far as I know....and I just saw the classic in red the other day. Oh, and a small classic in seafoam too. These in Neimans in San Francisco.
  14. This is my favorite 2.55 bag yet. Lovely color!
  15. I LOVE the color...Personally I would keep it because I love shoulder bags. But the Bowler would be more versatile since it is black.