New Chanel on BLuefly

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    These two bags are on Bluefly. They are cute.:nuts:
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Those are really cute for the spring and summer months coming up
  4. thanx for sharing
  5. Solitair - i just checked Bluefly just now and those two bags are gone already! BUT they have a real cute white belt bag for $720.00 that's adorable for summer!
  6. aprild, do you happen to remember how much those were going for on BF?
  7. omg omg.. i wanted this in black. thanks for sharing!
  8. The bigger one was $1,020 and the smaller one is $956.
  9. I saw this last night and had to refrain myself from getting the smaller one. :sad: I'm hoping that they'll pop back up on bluefly when I have money (and another new 15% off code, haha!)
  10. thanks. they are not available anymore. :sad:
  11. OOOHHHH! I have been on the wait llist for these bags for a long time although not in the white one. I would like to have the navy or the black. Thanks for the info.
  12. Boy, that stuff sure flies out at Bluefly, doesn't it? I never seem to see anything good there...(sniff!)
  13. wow that went by fast!
  14. Actually I logged on as soon as I read Aprild's post and there they were! I flipped over to the Hermes section for ONE MINUTE and when I went back to Chanel they were gone! That fast! I couldn't believe it!
  15. Man that little white one is soooo gorgeous. If bluefly doesnt get it back in stock, I'm going to kick myself