New Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere!!!

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  1. Brand new - Exclusive at SFA - I experienced it in N.Y this past weekend and couldn't wait to plunk down $125.00 (5 oz.) to buy it!!! I think it is a TDF fragrance!!! Has anyone tried it yet??
  2. no, but i really want to! is it going to be a Saks exclusively only? do you know if other stores will eventually get it?
  3. how is it diff from the other no.5
  4. It's much lighter than the original but with enough substance - Get to a Saks and try it if you can!!
  5. I didn't ask that question but most " exclusives" by Chanel eventually show up in other Dept. Stores or Sephora to reach a larger market - however, it could be a while.
  6. I cant wait to try it.
  7. I havent tried it yet but i can't wait!
  8. If any of you have the September issue of "Vanity Fair" Page 210 in the Fanfare section is totally devoted to Chanel's newest fragrance. Jacque Polge created it and the essence is described completely.
  9. Oh I LOVE Chanel!!! I can't wait to find this one is Saks!
  10. Hey I understand the release of this has been delayed? :crybaby: Does anyone know the story??
  11. I was told that the nozzle doesn't work the way it should so they had to call back all the shipments. The perfume won't be out till january 08. It's a lighter version of No.5.
    But in the meantime you could get the Coco Mademoiselle Solid Perfume. It comes in a really cute white and gold metal tin and even comes with a white faux-leather thingy to keep it in.