New Chanel Member....your 2cents needed.

  1. Yay! Purchased my first new Chanel on Oct. 28. Had no idea there was going to be a price increase nor was this purchased planned!! I'm excited about this bag however I feel that this may have been a rash decision. Haven't put much thought into it and am now researching different types of Classic Flaps on the forum. I've come to learn that Chanel is very confusing. I'm still trying the comprehend the diff btwn Classic and reissue.

    On Oct. 27 my best friend and I drove 3 hrs to Charlotte, NC from Fayetteville, NC to celebrate her bday. Ofcourse we had to stop by Southpark mall. Browsed Neiman Marcus and came across Chanel. As I was browsing the nice SA asked me if I needed help. I told her I MIGHT be interested in a Chanel and that this would be my first purchase. I made her aware that I wanted a CLASSIC bag that would last forever. She showed me the med and Jumbo Caviar and Lambskin Classic Flap. She recommended the Jumbo since I could use it messanger style. She noticed my messanger bag. I found the Jumbo too large for me. I tried the med and loved it until I saw the $1995 price tag. I asked her if prices were going to increase soon and she said yes on Nov. 1 by 20%. :wtf::wtf::wtf:. I told her I would think about it. And that I did!! I could not stop thinking about it until the next day when I finally made up my mind to purchase the Med Caviar in Black w/ silver. When I went back I found another bag that was similar to the lambskin but not as shiny and smooth. This one was distressed leather. I fell in love with it and decided on that one instead of the caviar cause I thought the Caviar leather looked more old womanly than the distresse leather. Ofcourse I told her I would think about it since the other bag was $2395. $400 more. So I thought and thought about it and decided to go with the other.

    Now that I've been searching Chanel threads I'm kinda regretting not getting the Caviar. I've already noticed scratches on the inside of my bag from the chains being tucked in or from my ring and nails. What should I do? Should I exchange it for the Caviar or is the one I got more nice and pretty and should I just keep it.

    Is it considered a classic bag??

  2. Can you post pictures please? Is it one of the "hybrid" bags with the old chain (all-metal, no leather interwoven in the chain). CC closure or the rectangular closure?

    :yes: Congrats on your new purchase though!
  3. Sorry so long. Here are some pictures.
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
  4. MM closure w/ interwoven chains
  5. Wow, I love it! Never seen it with the leather interwoven chains. I guess it's another one of those hybrids!

    Love it on you.

    If it really bothers you that it gets scratched easily though, consider exchanging it soon for the caviar. The leather looks so yummy though, but it's just a matter of personal preference.
  6. I think you made the right choice since it's the one you want before reading this forum. I think the bag is beautiful and not as common as the regular caviar flap.
  7. that's the hybrid... keep it! I love that bag so much.. congrats!:woohoo:
  8. Thanks girls for reassuring my purchase. What exactly is a hybrid? I remember the SA showing me the Classics with all metal chain telling me it was new.
  9. If you want an honest opinion, I think you should get the Caviar. Your bag looks nice, but the caviar is definetly more of a classic beauty. If you are going to spend all that money on a bag you have to love it without any doubts. You could also just return it and research a little more before buying a different one.
  10. I think the bag you got looks great, and is a keeper. Iif the scratches bother you or if you really want a bag that can be an every day bag then go for tghe caviar med flap.
  11. IMO, it is a classic style and I think a great choice. I think you will find the leather is more durable than it seems. It was hard for me not to obsess about scratches, etc. on my bags but once I got over that I truly started enjoying my bags more. I say keep and just enjoy!!

    ps Did you buy it from Natasha? (Charlotte NM is my store and I buy everything from her.)
  12. Yours is a hybrid because it mixes the leather interwoven chain (which is usually only found on the flaps with CC closure) with the madamoiselle closure (the original rectangular closure before the CC closure came about). :yes: So it mixes old with new.
  13. It's really beautiful. I would keep it.
    I'm also not sure if you'll be able to return it if you've already scratched it with your nails and ring...

  14. Yes yes yes!! It was Natasha.

    She's so great.

    I got a letter in the mail today from her!
  15. I think this bag looks great on you!!!

    I personally am not into the 'hybrid' at this time, so I would get a caviar myself. But if you fell in love with this bag instead of the caviar when you first saw it, you should keep it. For that much money, I definitely want something make my heart feel for it.