New Chanel Melrose degrade comments???

  1. Hi everyone:nuts:
    I ordered my first Chanel a few days ago and Im really excited!I choose the chanel melrose degrade which is in vinil grey and black.I ordered it without actually seeing it because we dont have a chanel store in Cyprus yet!Well from the pics I saw its a beuty but I was wondering if anyone saw it or owns it so I'll know a bit more!I cant wait to receive it but it will take a few more days:smile::tup:
  2. I've seen it. :yes: I've seen the black satin and blue gradient version. Did you order the cabas or the flap? Congrats!
  3. Thnks missisa!I ordered the cabas one!Its gray and turns to black.The black satin I didnt like,I quess is way too plain for me!
  4. I tried on the cabas version and it was too big even for me, and I LOVE big bags. Compared to my Original Cabas (not the baby cabas), this one is bigger, flatter, and longer so it doesn't hang quite right against my body. I did however buy the flap one which I love!
  5. ^I agree. It was a bit big on me (length wise). I have the baby cabas which is a perfect sized bag for me, but the smaller size melrose cabas was really big on me.

    Of course, that's just me and I have a petite frame. :yes:

    Do post pics of your melrose when it comes in!
  6. All my bags are big!!!They fit better on me(Im nornal sized but a bit tall).The one I purchased which I found really big and felt a bit strange holding it is the Louis Vuitton the leopard Stephen!!That one again I ordered from UK without seeing it(it was before we had a Louis vuitton store open here)so when it arrived I had second thoughts that I should have ordered the adelle one instead of the stephen.But I still love it!!She is the queen bee:smile::smile:
  7. i bought it yesterday (gradient) and adore the size....i love the drawstring detail too.....and i am 5'1" lol
  8. I tried it on in the store this weekend and I thought it was perfect.