New Chanel Lux Line Denim Tote....

  1. OK- I just got a call saying this bag came in...and they are holding it for me....eeeerrrr........want...but I just got the Black Lux line tote ...oh...and the Chloe Edith...
    ..its over 1500.00 for denim...PLEASE HELP ME!! IS this worth the money????????
  2. I just got on the wait list for this and I'm already doubting that I want to get it-too many other great bags out there-but -it does look awfully cute...
  3. i love having leather... not a denim fan... cuz i would be compelled to have to match it all the time... and dooood, u have the lux!!!
  4. not worth the money for the denim. and not to mention you have the black leather. save the money for the celine.
  5. When I think of Chanel denim does not come to mind. I'd much rather invest in a leather Chanel.
  6. Thanks everyone...I think I am cured of the denim!!
  7. I agree, not for Denim!
  8. No dont get demin.
  9. I agree with everyone here - don't do it for denim. I think you may tire of it quickly..
  10. In my opinion, not worth it. Get something else!:biggrin:
  11. i like chanel in leather too. i think they are best when it comes to leather
  12. It's too bad that the denim is so pricey!
  13. I would love to see a picture of the chanel denim if anyone has one.
  14. I just tried to cut and paste the denim tote from the Chanel web site with no luck. If you have a chance until a picture is posted, check out the web site (luxury line). It is a very pretty bag, but I believe too trendy for the money.
  15. Don't do it, Jill. I was on the waitlist too. Took myself off. Denim is just a trend. I would have a lot of money if I hadn't invested in so many trendy bags in the past!