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  1. Its been sold out for a while, but TPF's correct me if I'm wrong. I think Roey has it...?
  2. Roey has this bag and it looks gorgeous on her! I think her pics are in the Reference section.

    I saw this bag at Saks BH recently. Try giving them a call.
  3. we just bought one for my mother in law's birthday gift from neiman beverly hills.
  4. I have this one too! Mine is the smaller size though I believe. Which reminds me I was supposed to take modeling pics and send them to Roey...
  5. I saw this bag at Neiman Marcus in Atlanta, GA a few days ago.
  6. PS: it's from the Luxury (Luxe) Ligne. :yes:
  7. Roey returned it because it was too clunky and got the large Diamond Stitch Tote instead.
  8. i like the shape, but i'm not into patent
  9. ^MMM, trust me, I don't like patent either! The thing is that Chanel patent is a lot different than "normal" patent. It's distressed patent, and has this gorgeous texture to it. It's not like the flat patent where you can kind of see a reflection in it.
  10. i remember seeing it in ldldb's chanel du jour thread... in the background of the photo she took of the alligator croc jumbo flap! i suppose it should still be there in the boutique =)
  11. Yes, I returned it for the Diamond Stitch. I couldn't really use the bag at all, pretty as it is. I never complain about a bag being heavy but the large patent tote is heavy, clunky and awkward once you try to do anything besides model it.

    missisa - I'm still trying to figure out if yours is really the small since our bags have the same measurments. Mine was so wide from front to back but yours seems narrower in photos.
  12. ^ roey, i think there is a smaller version to this bag like missisa said. it's more n/s and flatter i think rather than wider at the widths? i've seen it around on ebay.
  13. Sorry about the long wait! I'm definitely taking pictures today/tonight that I can PM you.
  14. anyone has any idea how much it retails for and is it really that heavy?? by the way, i am in Australia and have not seen the bag at all in the boutique but i've seen a girl carrying it one day and fell in love with it