New Chanel J12 in pink gold

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  1. Anyone see it?
  2. wow... didnt even hear of it...

    *as she sets down her white J12*
  3. It is on the website ... but I was hoping someone actually saw it and knew the price ....
  4. Saw that in an email from Chanel...

    I love the rose gold, but I have no regrets with getting my silver one. Sorry, not sure about the price. I'm sure if you call the Chanel 800# they will know the price.
  5. I don't really like it!! I actually prefer the silver version much better!!!!
  6. I saw an advert in one of my catalogs - bloomies, neimans, or saks. Can't remember. I'm pretty sure they are priced the same as the white gold watches.
  7. A 38mm one is going for 8750 pre tax, pre increase lol. does it also come in 33?
  8. I saw them today. I really like the gold with black ceramic, but the regular J12 not the one with the diamond markers as I think the combination is just too much. Just my opinion. And I dont liked the gold and white combo. But the pink gold is really gorgeous. The prices for the gold edition are higher.
  9. The gold with Diamond Markers is 5980€ and the regular J12 w/ Diamond Markers is 4080€. So it is almost 2000€ more...
    I saw they had them in 38mm and 42mm, but didnt saw the 33.
  10. saw it in both Chanel boutiques in Las Vegas - I think it is $8900. It is pretty classy looking -
  11. It is GORGEOUS! I got a call from my SA about it, wanting to know if I wanted one. I'm thinking of getting one to add to my J12 collection but i'm scared I won't use it much. I'd hate to get one and there be someone who really wants one but can't find it anymore.