New Chanel Items Arrived Today

  1. I have included pics, as you will see not the best pictures. Have to work on them when I have more time. Just wanted to post these tonight so you girls could give your opinion on the MC Tote. It is the large, only size my SA could find in black. The pic of the sunnies is especially bad, I will repost it tomorrow.
  2. Where are the pics?
  3. I'm asking the same question!! I uploaded them - gota check into it.
  4. Pictures, I'm waiting for them.
  5. let me know if you need help.
    I'm not sure how you were trying to attach them, but we really prefer everyone use our Paperclip Icon or the Manage Attachments feature:yes:
  6. My pics are too large to upload- gave me upload error. Sorry..:sad: :sad:

    I will work on them and post them in the morning.
  7. I was using the paperclip, but it appears from the error message that they are too large. I will try to adjust the size. I might need you help, thanks for the offer.
  8. Penny, I've never been able to use the paperclip or manage attachments function. It always tells me they're too large regardless of what I do. I used to copy and paste a link to the pics. Now I just copy and paste the whole pic to the thread.
  9. ^we prefer people not do it that way to be honest.
    It only takes a moment to resize photos down to 195kb, they can be as wide or tall as you like, just compress their qualitry down a bit.
  10. Swanky, I put the photos on Photobucket and no matter how much I reduce them, I still get the error message that they're too big.
  11. But when you delete them from Photobucket they leave a little red X here :sad:
    Your settings on your camera are probably set very high, I always lower the quality on mine before I take pics for here or eBay so the file's automatically smaller and loads faster.
  12. Still trying......................:confused1:

    Got one for you to see. I will continue to resize the others. What do you girls think--too big?
    No not me, I know I am, I am asking about the MC Tote!!! lol
  13. I think the size looks great.
  14. and still trying...
    101_0119.JPG Chanel Belt.jpg 101_0129.JPG
  15. Maybe I will get better at this:yes:

    These are my frames for my prescription eyeglasses. They have CC in crystals on the side. Sorry I have not gotton this pic thing down. I will work on having better pictures.
    101_0119.JPG 101_0132.JPG 101_0123.JPG