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  1. Hey there ladies! Just purchased this seasonal beauty from the 19b collection. I never saw this bag in person only online but I feel in love and decided to buy it. I just received the bag but now I’m unsure about it. You can see some parts of the bag are more wrinkled but I’m not sure if it’s just because of the type of leather on the bag? What do you ladies think? I have pictures attached. Any input is appreciated!!

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  2. Usually when I come in these types of threads, I find the posts ridiculous and roll my eyes...... but oh my! No, that isn’t normal at all. Was this a display bag? Regardless if it was, that condition is unacceptable. They should have never sent this out to you. I’ve bought a display item with a scratch here and there, but nothing like your bag. The wrinkles, the dents, the scratches, yikes!!!! Please return
  3. Could it be the new Chanel matelas memory foam lamb skin?
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  4. Woah... this looks pre-loved... how unacceptable of them to sell you this bag when it clearly looks like it’s been worn / played with. Maybe it was a display product, either way, I don’t think it is fair for them to sell it to you in such bad state
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  5. Looks like it's been run over by a truck and bashed on the side of it for good measure. This needs a return! I exaggerate but you get the picture
  6. They didn't have this bag in any of the boutique's nearby me so I purchased through my SA at Saks. Since it had to be shipped to me I didn't get to see it before I purchased. Will send pictures to my SA and see what he says. Thanks for your input!
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  7. Since the product was shipped to me I didn't know what the bag looked like before purchasing. I wish I would have asked for pictures before hand :sad:
  8. Agree. I usually think people are over the top with perfection... but in this case, I don't like the dents and wrinkles. It doesn't not look new and she paid for new.

    Now if it were a used bag, that would be different.
  9. Yes I thought the same but didn't know if I was overreacting because I haven't gotten a bag in this type of leather before. My SA says it's distressed leather so I think he is hinting that the wrinkles are normal but the dents in the back he said should not be there. He said they would exchange it and will contact the store that sold it. I'm not sure if I want the bag anymore if I'm going to have issues with the leather later on... :sad:
  10. This looks VERY used or improperly handled/stored.
    I would contact the SA you bought it from and tell him/her that you do not want a display item and would like one in pristine condition.
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  11. Yes I contacted him and sent pictures of the bag. He said he would exchange the bag and contact the Saks store that sold the bag. Thankful I am not the only one that thinks the bag is in an unacceptable condition.
  12. I am glad he is going to exchange it. The wrinkles wouldn't bother me, but those dents and scratches would be unacceptable to me.
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  13. Omg the amount of dents on that bag!! It’s worse than any of the ones I own and mine have been bashed around even the lambskin. Definitely not normal! you must have been so shocked when you open it! It’s like the worst anticlimax ever :sad:
  14. I frowned and cringed when i saw the looks so used and mishandled! Please return it and exchange, dear.
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  15. For CHANEL PRICE-POINT this is NO WAY - unacceptable !!! I recommend returning this as soon as possible!!! It is for me or by my opinion not ok as described quality "pristine" or "very good" on the preloved market - but as NEW ?! OMG - really bad - that the SA was willing to send this to you. The damages on this bag can be possible from storage (in-store or when they shipped) - but if not - how this pass CHANEL quality control? crazy and sad ....:sad:((