New Chanel handbags?

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  1. I was in the boutique and saw some canvas chanel bags. They almost look like quilted leather but are canvas and come in a metallic beige, a blue and black. They don't have the logo on them except for on the zipper.
    There was a large tote in all black and it was around $1250 CDN.
    Has anyone purchased these?
    Are they good? Post pics?
    Anyways...I wanted to get the small cotton club pochette, but it was sold out. I also was looking for the pst and the gst in black but they didn't have them.
    So I'm deciding between the east west bag in black caviar with silver, or the medium classic in black caviar with silver but I really like the canvas tote.
    So if anyone has one...could you tell me how you like it and how it is durability wise?
  2. WOW! You're good. I'm impressed.

    I'm going to buy the large tote this week!

    That one. It'll be my first Chanel. I use huge bags all the time so it'll be good. I'll use it a ton. I'm so excited.
    I'll be sure to post pics!