New Chanel Graphite CC Tie Handbag

  1. Has anyone seen this bag ? Price $2495 seen in September issue of Vogue page 716. Seems to be a big bag. However, model arm is coverning it as always with something you really want to see. It is shown in a beautiful graphite grey.
  2. Can you post a photo?
  3. My daughter has returned to school in France and has has taken her camera. Picture in Vogue, that I am looking at right now, is of little help. You can only see the top of the bag but it does seem large and the color is beautiful.
  4. I saw it at Sak Fifth Avenue in NY - it just arrived. Beautiful - if you like a more modern take on the classic. The only drawback is that you can't remove the shoulder strap to have a cleaner look for evening.
  5. Sounds like the bowling or the flap bag from Chanel's Luxury Line. I have the bowling in metallic silver. Chanel has this line featured on their website you can see the bag there.
  6. I noticed your post said Tie Handbag, I don't recall the Lax line having anything like that. Sorry I should have read more throughly before commenting.
  7. Does anyone have a picture of a lambskin Chanel CC tie Handbag in black?
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