new chanel goodies

  1. i've been accumulating these for a while now. just wanted to share with you all!
    chanel-flats.jpg chanel-jewelry.jpg chanel-messanger.jpg chanel-messanger2.jpg chanel-naked-bag2.jpg
  2. more... with two shots of my shoe wall. its a new installment. i'm in :heart: with it.
    chanel-naked-shoes.jpg chanel-naked-bag.jpg chanel-navy.jpg shoe-wall.jpg shoe-wall-2.jpg
  3. that tweed bag is beautiful. i have never seen a chain like that though. is there a particular name for it?
  4. thank you so much. i fell in love with the strap as well. i'm not sure if it has a particular name. this is the only bag i've seen it on. maybe some of our experts will have more information?
  5. OMG I love everything and the tweed bag is so feminine!CONGRATS!:drool:
  6. Thanks for sharing, I love your jewelries and wow, love that shoe shelving or display...!!!
  7. thanks chanelspell and eiffel21!
  8. Great stuff, I just love your shoe wall.
  9. Great shoes!:love:
    Congrats on your new goodies.
  10. Congrats on all your new purchases!
  11. Love the collection, and the shoe wall is fabulous!!!!
  12. oh i love the way you display the shoes! how cute! :heart:
    the flat is adorable too!
  13. I love your flat.
  14. very nice...the flats are dreamy:heart::heart:
  15. Beautiful collection! All those shoes are TDF!!! :tup: