** new Chanel goodies + Pics **

  1. Haven't bought any new bags recently, because none of Chanel's recent bags has made my heart flutter and my knees go weak :sad:
    So i've gotten my Chanel fix by stocking up on pretty accessories instead :p 2 pairs of earrings, 1 necklace and a pair of new sunglasses! Feeling incredibly tempted to buy 2 other rings but i think i should stop for now :sweatdrop:
    Here are some pics, and thanks for letting me share them with ya'll :heart:

  2. WOW !! congrats :yahoo:
  3. LOVE the earrings...can i ask how much you paid for that pendant necklace? thanks
  4. They are all AWESOME purchases!!!CONGRATS!
  5. Lovely purchases! I have those same glasses and you won't be disappointed! :heart:
  6. Love the pearl earrings! Soo cute! How much were they and where did you find it? Hope you don't mind me asking... :smile: TIA!!
  7. I love the earrings!!
  8. You must be one happy girl :yes:
  9. Love it all!! Great way to satisfy your Chanel "fix!"
  10. the necklace was a gift, so i'm so sorry, i don't know how much it costs exactly! however i do know that this necklace costs over AUD300 here in Australia (if i'm not mistaken), so hopefully that helps! :smile:
  11. of course i don't mind :smile: they were ~$205 from memory, a friend from the US purchased them for me so i'm not sure where he bought them from, but i'm pretty sure they're fairly readily available in stores?
  12. Congrats on your pretty new accessories!:flowers:
  13. congrats on your new accesories!~
    i really like those pearl earrings.
    how much did you get them for?
  14. Wow great purchases!!!
  15. Awesome accessories!:heart: I love buying Chanel accessories.