New Chanel Girl here..modern chain in distressed or new shiny black?

  1. Hi all...

    Yes, I am new here to the "Purse Forum" and just love reading all of your info on here...

    So, I have a little 10 month old, and I am a working mother...and just have fallen in love with the modern chain e/w tote.. (it can hold everything I need and it is just so cool and hip for Chanel!).

    I wear a lot of Prada, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Louis, so this will be my first Chanel.

    Which one would you go with, distressed or the new shiny leather?? I tried on the newer one today at my Saks, and it is just BEAUTIFUL. My SA told me I have to buy it...boy the price tags on these are getting crazy!! $1750!!

    What do you all think? I can get a distressed for a bit less...
  2. i personally like the distress look better, it's more causal
  3. I prefer the shiny caviar but my N/S tote was $2650 and the E/W is $2750.
  4. I'm new too - is the distressed leather a bag from last season? It sounds like last season's price too, for $1750...I've only ever seen the glazed leather (which I personally adore), and the price for the current season EW is $2750.

    PFers who have been around longer seem to prefer the older season leather - I'm still not sure if that's the distressed leather that you were talking about - but IMO I just love the glazed caviar. It's not too shiny and makes the color seem so deep, esp. the dk brown which I :heart:
  5. I love the glazed! Its beautiful! Get the N/S tote, for 2650.00. You'll LOVE it!
  6. I have the MC tote from last year. Here are a couple close up pics of the leather to give you and idea:

  7. I like last year's as well. Have in black and in red. It was well over 2000 though.
  8. What does the N/S tote look like? BTW...I meant the tote was $2750...big diff than $ bad. So, I just love this bag, but am interested in the N/S tote as well...Thanks!!
  9. Hi. :smile: I actually love the new glazed leather on the '07 MC totes... I agree that it isn't as rugged as the "old" MC totes, but I personally love the look of it. :heart: The new shinier leather, coupled with the shinier h/w, is a really cool, but polished combination... it's my perfect edgy black tote (and I'm a flapoholic hehe). :p Here is a pic of the N/S MC, HTH! :smile:
  10. fiery, that's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!
  11. let us know what you decide :smile:
  12. I know what you are asking and feel your conflict! I saw the distressed at a boutique and thought it was gorgeous and enduring but the shiny kept pulling my attention. It was the classic head/heart dilemma in a Chanel context and I resolved it by walking away and ignoring the dilemma. Sorry, that is no use at all is it?
  13. OHMYGOSH...I think I am loving the shiny...and I LOVE the N/S tote. My S/A at Niemens that I just LOVE says for me to get the GST because it is practical, and classic (and she seems to think that is me). I was loving the E/W, but I have to say that the pic that you sent of the tote, Fiery, was just amazing! I am going to have to find it...we didn't have it at my Saks or Neiman's yet...Does anyone know where they have the N/S?? I live in AZ...
  14. I passed on the distressed from last year (a bit too rugged or something?) but couldn't resist the new shiny MC, this year. It's just a bit more dressy for a very casual bag.

    I love mine!
  15. I have the MC hobo in the 06 leather, and I adore it! That said, the hobo is a bit more casual, so perhaps it goes better with the matte leather than it would with the shiny. One thing to be aware of, though, the totes are quite a bit heavier than the hobo (more chain), and the hobo's about as much weight as I'll ever carry. (It's not heavy, but it's not super light either). I'm a stickler for not hurting my neck and shoulders. If anyone else disagrees, please chime in.