New Chanel Foundation: Teint Innocence (luminous, etc)

  1. Has anyone tried this yet? Thinking of getting some today... so, opinions please. THANKS! :heart:

    Pure lightness, this new liquid makeup from CHANEL provides dream coverage. A unique formula allows skin?s natural glow to show through while it evens out skin tone and helps to conceal imperfections. In 13 perfectly natural shades.
  2. I bought some of this recently and am quite happy with it. I don't usually wear foundation and don't actually wear this very often. It gives a sheer coverage and has a luminous quality to it. It is very subtle in it's appearance. So if you want heavy coverage this is not the one for you! It feels very nice when on as well. I would recomend it, but I'm not a huge expert on foundations so can't really compare it to anything else. Hope that helps!
  3. Chanel Teint Innocence is one of my foundation must-haves. For me this is med-full coverage depending on the method you use to apply, (e.g brush, fingers, sponge). I absolutely love it for it's staying power and hiding my pores! :smile: