New Chanel for Me

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  1. I got some new stuff and just wanted to share.:biggrin:

    Offwhite Paris New York wallet:


    Chanel white gold and black ceramic ring to compliment my J12:


    Chanel Logo Earrings:
  2. Congrats! I love that wallet!
  3. They're ALL gorgeous!! I love the color of the wallet and the ring contrasts with your watch perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing
  4. OMG!!!:amazed: They are ALL GORGEOUS!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!
  5. That wallet is gorgeous! I was just looking at it last night on mind PMing me the price?
  6. The wallet retails for $675 plus tax. They make it in bronze, black and dark white for now. They may be making it in bordeaux but I don't know for sure. Now I just need to find the 2006 offwhite reissue in the 226 size and I'll be a happy camper.:biggrin:
  7. wow-good choices!very pretty!
  8. OMG, that wallet is so pretty!! :cry: Does it hold checks?
  9. Wow everything is so lovely!!! Congrats!
  10. Nope. I tried to put my check book and register in it but I couldn't close it. :cry:
  11. I love the wallet, ring and earing! everything! congrats!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. absolutely BEAUTIFUL! i LOVE your studs!!!:heart: :heart:
  14. that wallet looks so nice and soft and ur studs are hawt!
  15. Wow ... absolutely beautiful! Love the wallet and the studs, and of course still drooling over your J12!