New Chanel For Aw2006???

  1. I have decided that I cannot live without a chanel any longer but which to buy??????????????? any suggestions??
  2. Are you looking for a tote or something smaller?
  3. I do not own a Chanel as of yet...BUT I want a brown tote oh so very much...I think its in the fall 06 collection....GORGEOUS...
  4. How much do you want to spend ? What size ? Chanel has oh-so- many options this season !
  5. preferably a tote!
  6. I love the tote from the Vintage Ligne . It is soft and squishy , really light too . I prefer the chocolate brown color . If you want something more formal , I enjoy the Mademoiselle line . I've only personally seen blk and wht in the lrg MMS tote , but it could come in other colors . It's lambskin and very pretty . The Grande shopper is quite nice , as well . These are pics of other pf'ers totes .

    The first one is the MMS , second is the Grande Shopper , and lastly is the Vintage Ligne . Yummy !
    Chanel Bags 001.jpg Chanel Bags 002.jpg IMG_1008.jpg