New Chanel Earrings

  1. Just got these in today from Damian (DJO) and I highly recommend them!! Not to big (I thought they might be) they are quite tasteful and really beautiful! So excited! I am totally getting into the Chanel earrings lately!
  2. Very cute Selena, enjoy w/your new bag a-coming!
  3. I know!!! LOL I am going on my sons field trip on Thursday, guess what i will be wearing!
  4. You will be the most rockin' mom on that field trip. Have fun.
  5. I like them very much.
  6. How cute Selena! Thanks for posting them up with price info. Those are adorable!!!
  7. They are LOVELY! :love:
  8. Cute!
  9. Ok I am officially obsessed with Chanel Earrings now. HELP! :smile:
  10. Those are really cute and to have the classic rose "icon" shape - great choice!:yes:
  11. very cute earrings! congratulations :smile:
  12. those camellia earrings are gorgeous!
    if it's not too much trouble, would you mind posting a picture of them on? i'd love to see them on someone. TIA!
  13. Those are gorg
    Hmm I have to think of an excuse to get my parents to get me a pair

  14. Will try and post later!! :smile:
  15. lovely!! i can see how addicting it is when it comes to chanel earrings!

    small accessories are a godsend to me after seeing the prices of the handbags skyrocket :crybaby: