New Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap w/ new muted silver hardware!

  1. Here's my new Chanel jumbo classic flap in lambskin. I would probably wear it during the day for work, but I didn't feel like putting a suit on a Sunday. Here's a couple pics in casual clothes....


    It has the new muted silver hardware which I adore because it is so understated. I really would like a small flap as well. Do you think the jumbo is too large for me???
  2. Almost new Chanel sunglasses...

  3. more pics....

  4. i love this bag.. loving the muted hardware....
    makes the bag look NICE
    what was the cost if i can ask ?
  5. thank you! It retails for $1860.00 do you think a smaller size would be better? I just think it's silly to have this bag in different sizes, so I am wondering if I should return this for the medium flap and get something else for suits. hmmmmm. I do love it though!!! A LOT!
  6. Absolutely NOT too big! It's perfection!!!

    Great choices!:yes:
  7. I saw this today and its a great size. Congrats.
  8. I don't think it looks too big on you at all. It's gorgeous!:love:
  9. Your bag is stunning! I love the low key silver hardware on it. It's a perfect size daytime bag. Congratulations!
  10. hell no keep it... it is not to big..
    like swanky said perfection..
    IMO the bag looks alot better no petite woman such as yourself- i am a lil heavier up top and my shoulders are broad and sometimes shoulder bags are not a fit...
    its perfect on you honey.
    congrats and enjoy this lovely bag...
    p.s .. I guarantee if you go for the medium- you'll long for the jumbo
  11. It is gorgeous!!!!
  12. It is not too big at all!!!! The bag is a beauty, congrats!!!!!
  13. That is certainly a gorgeous bag!! :heart:
  14. Thank you guys!!! I do love this size, but did you see the medium flap on miss alice? I LOVED it...she has both sizes, but I don't want to get the same bag in two different sizes. I guess I could always get something else in a smaller size, but I am really inlove with the flap right now. :love: Since I bought it at a boutique I only have 14 days to decide. I can't imagine parting with it though....
  15. Absolutely beautiful on you and a perfect size! Congrats!!!