New Chanel Camera Bag

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  1. Any opinions on this bag?

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  2. Side

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  3. Looks like a very nice casual cross body bag, I like it.
  4. not a fan... maybe if they just kept it a single pouch it'd look better to me
  5. To be honest, not a fan of this one. The style is very similar/same as a basic bag that I would find at vendors in the mall. The material of the leather doesn't have the usual Chanel suppleness I came to expect (at least from the look of it) and the seams of the bag seems to be a bit "uneven"/"curled" to me.

    Sorry - but not in love with this one personally... :huh:

    I can see the appeal of a convenient bag of this size/type though
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    It's part of the airline collection
  7. it came in silver too, if you're liking it
  8. And red - but silver sounds better
  9. I think this Camera bag looks best in Silver :smile:
  10. Not a fan of this one 😝
  11. Not a fan. As someone else said, it looks a lot like a hundred other non Chanel bags out there now.
  12. The new Chanel Boutique at Nordstroms flagship in Seattle has a single pouch camera case with mademoiselle lock. Very pretty! I believe it just has a leather strap. I prefer the chain strap on the double pouch version, a fun detail.
  13. A little too small for my liking
  14. This sounds beautiful! Are there any pictures out there?

  15. +1.