new chanel cambon wallet

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  1. I got a new chanel cambon wallet, I hope yall can see the pics :smile:

    Picture 034.jpg

    Picture 035.jpg

    Picture 038.jpg
  2. cute and versitile love it! how many credit card slots are there?
  3. wow very cute! i haven't seen this style...i love how they put the pocket on the back too!
  4. I was going to post the pic of the inside, but then realized after I uploaded the pics that my full name and credit card numbers were visible. I will retake more without cards and post. But it has a checkbook area on the inside, pen holder and 2 money slots, zippered coin slot and rooom for 10+ credit cards.
  5. Cute wallet!
  6. Nice! :biggrin:
  7. Ooh! I love it! Mind sharing how much it cost? :biggrin:
  8. very cute!
    would you mind taking a pic of the inside?
  9. Careful with the white C's...I have a similar Cambon and the C's turned grey-ish. It was/is my "everyday" wallet so I had a lot of uses out of it.
    Chanel Cambon.jpg
  10. $625
  11. I have been thinking about buying that wallet!!!! How much is it...Maybe for Mothers Day??!!!
  12. ^^oooh you read my mind and posted at the same time!too funny!
  13. ps-OUCH! thats high for a wallet...hhhmmm..I still have a Saks GC for 300.00......hmmmhmmmm........!!!!!

  14. totally! you can buy a whole lv bag for that kinda money!
    but it sure is cute..
  15. LOVE it, can't wait to see photos of the inside!
    I like a big wallet, this one looks like a good size.
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Not open for further replies.
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