New Chanel brooch on Bluefly and NM last call sale

  1. This evening I was just browsing and found this fabulous pin on apparently it is new stock since I check their stuff pretty often and it was not there two days ago.. I love it!!! I almost placed the order, but then I saw this thread in deals and steals that NM is having an extra 25% off sale on their website(last call items only). I found the Hello Kitty necklace I was coveting and placed the order right there.. so instead of the $340 chanel pin I bought this $383 necklace.. but the pin is great too! It is still there last time I checked but I am sure it will go quickly....
    Chanel palm tree.jpg HelloKitty.jpg
  2. Great deal. Love them!! Thanks for letting us know.
  3. OMG.. I just saw a TDF chanel heart bracelet on Bluefly.. someone please grab it! It wasn't there yesterday so it is new stock!