new chanel braclet help?

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  1. I just reccieved this bracelet as a christmas present from my mothers boss. Im sure its authentic (her boss dislikes fakes,and she only wears cashmere & RTW ). Do you any of you guys know what is the name of this,and what line this is from?. It looks like a keychain,but on the box it says braclet,im so happy I love it!,my first piece of CHANEL, I know more will come in the future:yahoo: TIA:wlae:
  2. I haven't seen it before. Hopefully someone else could be of more help.
  3. it looks like a key chain to me too, but if the box says bracelet, then it's bracelet!
  4. It looks authentic to me, but how very odd that you received an authenticity card with the bracelet. There's a matching necklace being sold on eBay by DGJeans.
  5. ^^ can you give me the eBay link please! TIA =]
  6. I agree with Mon, I was surprised to see the Authenticity Card. None of my Chanel jewelry has come with a card. If you go to eBay and search for DGJeans you can find the necklace Monica mentioned.
  7. I found that odd too :confused1: . But if the necklace comes with it too then it may be so :smile: .
  8. Yes, very interesting Mon -- hologram=card. But why the card on that necklace and not on the other items from Chanel costume jewelry line?:confused1:
  9. Maybe something from their ski line? I think I've seen ski jackets or pants with similar straps.