new Chanel Bowler style?

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  1. hi all,
    i'm new on this forum and am completely addicted already. I have fallen in love with a carry/satchel bag that the Chanel store called 'Bowler' bag but noone on here seems to have the same bowler. It isn't the soft one with the chain handles (luxury bowler as some have labeled on here) but it is a more structured shape that is curvier (like a half moon almost) and is in calfskin.

    Anyone know if it is super new or why noone seems to have it? I am also debating getting the cambdon tote in black so help me decide if you can!

  2. Is it the one in the ads with the medallion on one side? If so I love that bag.
  3. ^yes, if it's that one, i'd get that bowler hands-down over the cambon anytime!
  4. thanks for the input! I actually fell in love with the Ultimate soft in the store so I went with that and I LOVE it. It's the larger one in black that is also quilted and has shoulder pad on the very top. :yahoo:
  5. bowler >>>>> cambon for sure!!! i hope u get the bowler, because i think its a gorgeous bag!