New CHANEL boutique opening in San Diego


Femme Fatale
Apr 26, 2011
Super excited! I was just visiting Nordstrom and found that their designer area was practically all curtained off, and you could hear construction going on because....

Nordstrom Fashion Valley is getting Chanel! I was asking the SA, but all theyd tell me was that it was opening sometime in early July. And they are getting their look book "soon". And will be taking reserves only when they have the book :sad:

Ladies, I wish I could have taken a pic because the area of construction is huge. I mean, the boutique will be giant I think! Omg so exciting. Sorry I don't have more news than that, I just thought everyone would wanna know there will be another place where we can get Chanel. Plus it's not that far away I guess hehe. Time to save my money up!

I can try and keep updates here cause I visit the store once a week :smile:


Mon for short
Mar 28, 2006
Yeah, I heard about this last year. With Lucas becoming the San Diego Nordstrom handbags manager I was not surprised.

Obviously the Chanel boutique inside of Neiman Marcus (which is directly next door) isn't as thrilled as you are about this :smile:~


Oct 4, 2008
They have been working on this for awhile. I noticed it last year. Although I am excited with all the upgrades to that Nordies, it's becoming a beautiful store, I am also concerned with the SA's at NM. I have been working with a couple of them for years. I do not have the same type of relationship with any of the SA's in that Nordies, other Nordstrom yes, but not this one. That might tell you something. Beautiful store, not the same level of service but that is just my opinion. Could just be me.


May 30, 2011
I know! I'm super excited for the new Chanel opening at Nordies at SD Fashion Valley too! I hate that NM is the only Chanel in SanDiego! NM Chanel is soo small and the selection is not so great and I really dislike the SA's there, so snobby and rude as if they don't need your business. Customer service at Nordies is always better,IMO. Can't wait for it to open.