New Chanel bags from downtown Seattle Nordstrom store

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  1. why is this person sofa king banned? is that means she is banned from tpf?
  2. how much are the bubble quilt bags?
  3. Wow, thank you so much!

    I love the grey GST!!!! Why can't they make a flap like this?:tup:
  4. The bubble quilt bowler and BQ hobo are both $2850. :smile:

  5. It actually says bored, not banned:smile:

    And you're all welcome. These pics make me drool actually...someday I hope to finally afford one!
  6. I love seeing stock photos!! Thanks so much for posting!!
  7. Wow, so many gorg pics! Thx so much for posting!!!!
  8. thanks so much for posting pics! lmao, do the SA's ever look at you funny? I was afraid if I went to the Chanel boutique and started taking pictures I would get some glares or something.
  9. Thank you for posting- did she happen to send you prices?

  10. If you hover the mouse over the pics it'll show the name and price.
  11. Wow...I like the new PST/GST color! :nuts:
  12. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures with us!