New Chanel Bag?

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  1. Hi gals - saw a picture of a bag that I've never seen before. Does anyone know the name and price of the bag? Or have a picture of it from different angles?

    The bag looks very promising!! Love the leather...
    chanel chains.jpg
  2. OOH...i saw a red version at my local boutique. It's stunning IRL. I didnt ask for the price though...
  3. That is the small rock and chain.
    I saw a black one at my NM.
  4. I love the chain detail, cool looking bag!!!!
  5. Hmm...I thought that this was the small Rock & Chain. The bag above is different. Is it just another bag from the same line? Does anybody have more pictures or information about the bag? Thanks!!

    Credit - pic of small Rock & Chain borrowed from Jag's posting.
    Small Rock Chain.jpg
  6. I haven't seen one with that drawstring and bow. and I haven't heard of new versions for fall. No idea.
  7. I feel like I just saw this bag in a magazine, so I'm thinking it will come out in the fall. It might have been the paris and nicole spread in harper's.
  8. It looks like a fake rock and chain. :wtf: Where did you find the pic?
  9. that was in a UK magazine. Its not a fake rock and chain. Its in the look book with the other rock and chain. Not every store ordered it.
  10. I don't think it's fake. It looks pretty nice. It could be new version of Rock and Chain. I like it.
  11. Yeah...I like it better!!