New chanel bag/wallet story

  1. Hi, this is my first post here.
    I've been wanting to have a Chanel bag for a very long time, and this week I took the plunge. (I'm 42 years old, so I think I've waited long enough). I got a black quilted 2.55 classic flap bag with gold hardware from a seller on ebay for six hundred dollars. She only carried the bag 3 times, and indeed, the bag does look nearly new. It's definitely authentic.
    In the meantime, I looked around for a Chanel wallet and found one at for only a hundred dollars! The website claimed it was authentic, and I searched all over for a place that said it was a knockoff and couldn't find it, so I sent an email. They sent back saying that they never had a customer complain and they only dealt with authentic items.
    When the wallet came, I knew right away it was a fake. There was stiff cardboard under the leather, and the zippers were cheap and unfinished on the inside. On further research, I learned on your forum that the serial number of my wallet was the most common one used in the fake Chanels!
    Well, today I drove for 2 hours to Neiman Marcus in Philadelphia (there is no place to buy Chanel near where I live) and showed them my fake wallet and they are going to report And I bought a wallet that cost more than my used Chanel flap bag! But I am now the happy owner of my very own Chanel bag and wallet.
    P.S. The wallet I got is distressed black leather, long bifold with double C's quilted on the front, and a silver chain lengthwise across the middle of the back. Inside it has 8 card slots, a place for checkbook and register, a zippered change purse, a place for money, and 2 other slots for reciepts and other papers. The saleslady said it was brand new this season and I got the last one.
    So, that's my story.
  2. Welcome to the PF! And congrats on your new Chanel items
  3. Welcome and congrats. Please post some pics !
  4. Yes, welcome to the Chanel subforum on tPF.:flowers: That was a great story.:smile:
  5. Welcome to the Purse Forum, and Congrats on your new purchases!:yahoo:
  6. welcome and congrats and get addicted:graucho:
  7. Welcome and congrats on the authentic new wallet. We would love to see some pics.

  8. Congrats on your new stuff -- and we all love photos -- the more the better.
  9. Welcome! Congratulations on your new Chanel wallet!
  10. Thanks for the welcome. I will post pictures when I get the chance. Doesn't it make you mad that there are crooks out there cheating people? I believed the guy when he said he was selling authentic Chanel. I'm wondering if the name of their knockoff is actually "Authentic" and that's how they can say 100% guaranteed authentic.
  11. Aww please show us your new Chanels
    we'ld love to see!
  12. Congrats on your new bag and wallet. It's such a shame that there are people out there who claim to sell authentic items but sell fakes instead :cursing: . I'm glad the SA took the name of the site and is reporting them to chanel. Please post pics when you get a chance.
  13. Great story ! But as you will soon find out ... we NEED pics ! We love to look at all the gorgeous Chanels .

    Pics please ! LOL .
  14. welcome and great story!
    i want to see pics too of this wallet! i'm intrigued by this chain detail; it sounds cool!
  15. Pictures please. Congrats.