New Chanel bag on its way!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    After may phone calls and alot of hoping I just got a call from one of the Boutiques informing me that they just received a Rodeo Drive flap in silver
    and there are sending me one. I guess there was only a couple of this bag in silver that was shipped to the boutiques in the US. I actually 1st saw this
    bag from one of our tpfers in Hong Kong.

    I am so excited. This is my 3rd chanel this month. I just received the summer nights sequin flap and also purchased a modern chain hobo in black.

    This forum truly is addicting and you ladies are the absolute BEST!!

    P.S. Would still like to find the bubble gum pink flap.
  2. Congrats on all your new chanels! I love the summer nights flap especially!
    And I will def. let you know if I come across a bubble gum pink flap!
  3. you go girl... and this month is not even half over. :nuts:
  4. Thanks kara!!
  5. congrats...can't wait to see pics
  6. Congrats on your new purse. Looking forward to your pics.
  7. Congrats to your new purchases, can't wait to see pics~~
  8. congrats!:yahoo: