New Chanel Bag In Plum/purple

  1. I just saw a picture of the new plum 2.55. It is just so beautiful. Question? I must make a choice would you go for the plum or navy blue? I would go caviar/jumbo. Would really appreciate your comments.:yes:
  2. What kind of a plummy purple is it? Lighter or darker?
  3. Personally, for myself, I would go navy blue.
  4. Just saw the photo and the Plum is TDF! Now I want one :biggrin:

    Though look at your wardrobe and see what color coordinates best of course :biggrin:
  5. I would also go for the Navy Blue, although the plum is very pretty
  6. Thanks guys, keep the comments coming.
  7. LUXX,
    It is on the site under/ CHANEL VIOLET LAMBSKIN FLAP.
  8. where on the site??? I couldn't find it... I saw a purple one the other day, but it was an east-west.. don't know if its the same thing...

    someone post a pic PLEASE!!
  9. japskvit,

    It is on the same page as this title. However, if you cannot locate it go to: search, then type in CHANEL VIOLET LAMBSKIN CLASSIC FLAP, THEN GO TO SEARCH THIS TITLE ONLY, THEN HIT SEARCH NOW, AND IT WILL POP OPEN. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, ASAP.
  10. its gorgeous... I've seen a similar color in purple caviar on 57th Street. I would get the purple!!! If you have enough to match it to your clothing, def. the purple. I wish I had enough clothing to go w/ purple - I am so boring.... lots of browns, blacks, and greens.
  11. The plum is absolutely GORGEOUS so I would go for the plum.

    Anyone know if the plum is a seasonal color?
  12. i love the plum and would definitely go for that.
  13. def. plum... the navy blue is so common. this color is special :P
    i love the colour!!!
  14. The plum!!It's such a beautiful colour!!!:heart: