new chanel bag for me...yay!

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  1. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!

  2. That is freakin' gorgeous!! What color is it?
  3. its bronze babe!

    isnt it sooooooo hot..omg im in love

    the color is amazing
  4. Where did you find it? Price?? It is really amazing!
  5. that's a beautiful bag, congrats
  6. I recognize that bag. Congratulations. I've seen it in person (this exact bag I'm sure) it's FABULOUS!:yes:
  7. GORGEOUS!!!!!! ahhh, i loveeee it!!

    and the color, and the leather... soo gorgeous!
  8. GORGEOUS!!!! Congrats!
  9. gorgeous .. congrats
  10. roey- The retail is $1525.00

    its from the vintage linge collection, I believe.
  11. I thought they were all sold out!!! Beautiful! Congratulations!
  12. Verrrrry nice!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  13. thanks girls!!!!!
  14. That is one fabulous bag!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. That's such a beautiful color and bag. The leather looks soft and lovely! Congrats!
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