New Chanel bag flaws

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  1. I bought a med Caviar flap bag over the weekend and was going to use it today. Then I saw two stitching problems on this brand new bag. I can see thread coming out. Do you think this is a minor problem? Should I go to return it to NM or call Chanel to resolve?

    Did anyone have this problem? Did you check your new bag before using it? or maybe I am just too picky?? :crybaby:
  2. I would return the bag and get a new one. The flaw would drive me crazy and I wouldn't want to wait to have it fixed by Chanel.
  3. definately return it, it's Brand New! there should be nothing wrong with it.
  4. Definately return it.
  5. I would return it as well.
  6. Return It !!!

    At these prices you should expect nothing less than the best - in perfect condition. After all it is a new bag and if they can not get you a replacement for it and you really want it - get a discount at least. But don't pay full price.
  7. Just went through a kinked chain that caused tiny tears in the interwoven leather along the chain. The Great White (jumbo) went back to Saks and I lost the $300 gift card as a result of the return. It's a bummer; however, for the money spent, I expect and want perfection.

    That said I really like shopping at the boutique when the SA pulls a new bag from the stockroom, or inspects all the same wallets and gives you the best one, the best box. Makes the experience even more special.
  8. For the amount the bags cost, there shouldn't be any flaws.
  9. Agree with the others and return it quickly so you won't be accused of the damage yourself. The sooner it goes back to the store the better.
  10. Thanks, EVERYONE! I just returned the bag at NM.
    Jmen: same here I lost my 200 dollars gift card as well

    You are abs. right! The feeling of opening a brand new bag is wonderful...I don't like to take returned items home

  11. Hey I had the same problem with my white Caviar tote bag. The stitching came out where the straps are at. I decided to just keep it and see how it goes and so far so good. ALSO today I finally recieved my pink expandable flap bag and i notice the same problem..the stitching at the straps came off. But I will just deal with it! The bag was from Hawaii. Good luck with yours.
  12. So glad u got it sorted, I had the EXACT same problem with my medium classic flap, but I did not want to return it and now it has got SOO much worse and now it's too late for me to do an exchange :sad:
  13. I think they are having some "issues". I took my white baby cabas out for a stroll last week. It's stitching is loose at the bottom!
  14. OH MY, this sounds seriously bad. I haven't checked mine yet.:confused1::confused1:
  15. I got my med. classic flap not being used yet. Upon checking, i found that the end of front flap stitches is loose, it doesn't come off is just loose with a bigger loop. I m going to deal with it. Just wondering should i cut it? Also, the inner flap got a minor scratch but i think it will make my bag special.