New Chanel Addict! Please help me choose!

  1. Hi everyone, I think this forum is great and I love looking at all the pics that you girls have posted. For the longest time I have been a Gucci fanatic and now think it's time to make the move to Chanel. I would like to know which bag you think is a good starter. I am going to Hawaii next week and would like to buy one there. If there are any locals, could you give me some tips? thanks girls:yahoo:
  2. Are you a classic girl? If you are, you should settle for a Medium classic flap starter. :biggrin:
  3. First pick the size you want and for what purpose - many many wonderful options! Lots of experts here to help you choose, too!
  4. I am a classic girl and am looking for something that I can carry to go out shopping or out for dinner. I like the patent bags, which one would you suggest? thanks so much!!!!!
  5. get a patent reissue!!! i am also a new Chanel addict and like the classic pieces, and i think you cannot go wrong with the reissues!!
  6. I was just at Chanel about two weeks ago (Chanel at Ala Moana--I live on Oahu). They had a PST when I went. I wasn't really paying attention to what else they had because I was mainly looking to get a baby cabas. They didn't have baby cabas in stock so I had my aunty ship me one from the Nordstroms in the mainland. I believe the only cabas they had was the denim one.

    Keep in mind this was two+ weeks ago. If there's anything in specific you'd like to know desperately about the Chanel here, let me know, and I'll try to stop by there and see what they have.
  7. Ooohhh this post is related to my own dilemma. I wanna get my first Chanel but I do not where to begin. I've been eyeing on this Silver bag. Not so sure of the name. Silver Ritz? It's beautiful!! However, I'm going to Hong Kong next month and am not sure if I'm ready to buy it, or save it until next year? BUT i am so worried that there will be a % increase if I keep on waiting. Any advice? Thanks
  8. I think the classic range is great for a first bag - the medium 2.55 flap bag you could definitely wear out for any occasion :smile: as shiny_hair mentioned, the patent reissue sure is a beautiful bag
  9. try a gst, it's a great tote.
  10. Prettyali - you can't go wrong with a flap / reissue - great to wear dressed up or down. GST / PST are great totes and the size of each means that you will not any issues with "not enough room"....Good luck on your choice - Let us know what you get.:smile:

    Lalique - The price increase is a pain for all of us - no one wants to pay more tomorrow for something they could have got for less So if there is a bag you love now - best to get it before the increase.....Good luck - keep us posted on what you get.:smile:
  11. Thanks for the advice, I will let you know when I get back from Hawaii. Happy shopping everyone!
  12. missisa07, thanks so much for the offer, you are too kind. Could you tell me where the Chanel boutiques are in Honolulu & Maui? that would be helpful. thanks again!
  13. If you're willing to spend $2500 - $2700 on a bag, then buy quilted bowler. It's soooooo PRETTTTTYYYYY.

  14. Oh noooo...your message MAKES me wanna go out and get a Chanel ASAP! :crybaby:The other night I dreamt in Chanel. People dream in color, or black & white, and I dreamt in Chanel! It's so scary and cool!. It's like a very BIG SIGN for me to get a Chanel bag. I am itching to get a silver flap. I thnk it's one of the classic 2.55. (I just found out what those number means!)

    So, should I get them now, even if I do not have enough money save, AND break my one year handbag ban or get the bag after my one year handbag ban? If I get it now, I can always pay my credit card bill bit by bit.. but if I get it next year, it may increase slightly??? *sigh* Another dilemma! *hahah*

  15. Exactly!! lol:tup: