New Chanel accessories with pics *nice*

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  1. I found these on Taiwanese newspaper and I *LOVE* the star necklace... wondering how much the US retail price is?


    Earrings (TWD $11,100)

    Sunglasses (TWD $19,400)

    Pin (TWD $37,700)

    Necklace (TWD $21,100)
  2. the brooch is really cutee!
  3. I'm glad you posted this!! My SA has only one pair of HOT big rhinestone hoops w/ a star in one and a moon in the other. They're SO fantatsic!!!
    I saw that to pair too, love that theme:heart:
  4. Sunglasses are $545
  5. Thanks for posting! I love the earrings, but I wonder how big they are...

    Swanky, I saw the hoops, they are absolutely gorgeous! But a little out of my price range...I think they were around $700!

    I wish we could have a thread dedicated to just Chanel costume's become my latest obsession...In fact, I want to go buy some right now *sigh*
  6. Earrings are $367, sunglasses are $641, pin is $1244 and necklace is $697 all according to
  7. Anyone has a pic of the hoops?
  8. ^ my conversions however may not be US prices as mark ups may be different etc!
  9. I love the sunglasses! They are so cute!
  10. aawww the moon and girl pin is sooo cute
  11. Really pretty.