New Chanel 2.55?


Nov 26, 2005
Hi. Anyone knows or has pictures of the new Chanel 2.55s? Noriko mentioned in another thread that they are coming out soon. Anyone has any idea how they look like?
:love: I'd love one, but I don't think I can save up for that long without buying something in between :lol: Besides, by the time I save up that much, they'd probably all be gone!
thanks fayden. i was thinking they have something new besides the reissue of the 2.55. I love the hardware on the reissue but don;t like the disstressed look of the leather. I prefer the leather of the flap bag which looks like the 2.55 but thinks the double C logo is too loud. So was hoping they would do a combination of both!
I will have the 2.55 soon, size 227, in grey! I had to find this bag! It's gorgeous for many reason's. CC's are not there, the distressed leather is absolutely gorgeous compared to the other bags to me. THe Chain is to die for making it wearable day and night, check this girls out from another blog. It's the hottest Chanel I 've ever seen!


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muppy said:
The bag (the re-issue one) that i saw in the store had faded gold hardware, esp on the chains. Is it meant to be like that?

If the color of the bag was Grey or White, no. The hardware on those two colors are an oxidized silver chain. The black is antiqued gold chain. I prefer the silver hardware.