New Chamois Edith!!

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  1. I made a pact with myself that I will take the next few months to pay off the debt I incurred buying Paddingtons and Edith. It might not take that long but the point is, clear it up and reward myself with a bag from the Chanel Ligne Cambon line. I love the Multipocket Reporter and the Bowler bag. Chanel has always been too grown up for me but this line is right up my alley.

    I almost bought one last year but was with my clueless bag sister who shamed me out of the Chanel boutique at Bloomingdales. To her, if you are going to pay that much for a bag it needs to do party tricks and perform other acts of pleasure. No details, use your imagination! :lol: Anyway, after that experience, the Reporter bag got shelved. Now it's probably more expensive than it was last May!
  2. You're so funny! Yeah, I'm definitely going to get rid of one of them. I pre-ordered the chamois, whiskey and the grey. The grey hasn't come in yet. I haven't posted any pictures yet, because I wanted to get the two of them together (as if they will procreate another edith!!!). I will PM you once I get the whiskey. If no one from here wants it, then I'm just going to send it back to NM. Then I'll be off to find my Chanel! :shame:
  3. Sorry about the double-post

    Roey - I can't believe you let your sister shame you out of a bag! :shame: I only say this because no way in earth would I buy a bag like that in front of my mom either. She'd expect it to do the can-can too. It's definitely my dirty little secret, but I can't help it! There are just so many lovely bags out there!!!
  4. I saw my mom tonight...went to pick up my son who was at her house and I had my brand spankin' new b-bay. She shames me about my bags with the "I don't own ANY bags over $200" (although she owns a lot of OTHER expensive stuff) and I said "you know, I don't wear expensive clothes, I can't buy expensive shoes (because of my ankle issue), so I might as well spend my money on some nice bags." She actually didn't argue! Not that it matters... Oh, and she LOVES my purseket, so I am ordering one for her to use in her $200 and under bags!

    And I am on the hunt for a chamois I am DEFINITELY interested in yours if you choose the whiskey!