New Chamois Edith!!

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  1. Love it! So happy for you!:biggrin:
  2. Jill, what a beautiful bag you have!!! You must have been carrying immediately!!! Excellent taste!!
  3. That color is really pretty! Congrats Jill!
  4. Just came back for a minute to lust over your chamois Edith again. It is a good thing I have class in ten minutes, or I would be on the phone with Saks RIGHT NOW!

    Has anyone seen the chamois anywhere else?
  5. Sorry ET, but I decided to return my chamois Edith today to NM-Houston. Call Alice. She tried to convince me to keep it, but it just wasn't me. She did tell me that she had 2 other clients wanting this bag, but maybe they opted out. There was just some things I didn't like about the bag that I wished they had done different. However, this color is absolutely beautiful. Chloe got that right!!!:biggrin:
  6. OH NO!!! I can't believe you didn't keep it! Wish you had PM'ed me before you returned it! I may check with them tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up! Is there just one store in Houston? :biggrin: :nuts:

  7. JILL - What have I done?!!! I returned the bag. I hope I don't regret this!!!:sad: I just wasn't feeling this bag. The color is to die for though. Enjoy your bag. Maybe I should of kept it longer to see if it grew on me.
  8. Yes, ET. The reason I returned it was to get it off my NM charge before my PHH got the bill. I hope I don't end up having buyer's remorse. There is only 1 NM in Houston (Houston Galleria). Alice is very nice. Good luck.
  9. Georgiegirl, don't feel bad. Usually your initial gut feeling is right. If you don't love it, returning it was a good decision. Chin up, there'll be other bags that will come along that you know you must have!
  10. Ah! Understood.;) I love separate credit cards!
  11. Thanks for the pat on the back, Serenity. It is just hard to return an "It" bag that you have been waiting for. But I agree, for the price, you gotta get that "rush" right off the bat!!!
  12. I agree ET. Too bad I was double dipping with paying for mine with his!!!!!!
  13. LOL! you are too funny! However I paid for mine with my own money!(I sold 2 bags!!!)SO he didnt DARE say a word to me!!!!!I love my Edith, hopefully you wont regret it...but if you do...I am sure you will find it again if its meant to be!!!
  14. Thanks Jill. Remember, I am still working with Hope on a Prada. Just emailed her. I need to sell some bags so I won't have so much guilt buying new bags.
  15. worked for me!!!LOL! Go for it!