New Chamois Edith!!

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  1. ok-I thought you guys would laugh at this...I told my hubby that he was now known as PHH!!! he sooooooooo did not laugh! I was like crying laughing!so bad!
  2. Love it! So happy for you!:nuts: :nuts:
  3. LOVELY! I like that it doesn't have the contrast stitching...
  4. Beautiful bag! That was the color I had pre-ordered and cancelled. Maybe I can pick up the large size in the chamois so it will still fit over my shoulder.

    Did Bala Cynwyd have any large size in chamois?
  5. So do send it back or end up keeping it?
  6. wow .. i saw this in harvey nichols and chloe london ... it would be the color i would buy if i ever think about the edith :smile: enjoy!
  7. They didnt have it in large...PS- everyone...I can put this on my shoulder!
  8. Beautiful bag, Jill. I went NM this morning and picked up my chamois Edith. After reading all the negative posts, I was expecting not to love it. Would of saved me a lot of money if I hadn't loved it so much in this color.:lol: I have to say, this color makes the Edith beautiful!
  9. Ahahaha!! Jill, you are so naughty:lol:! I love it! I can so picture it too. And isn't it even funnier when they have this half disgusted, half upset, unimpressed look on their face?:lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks for brightening up my day!
  10. Georgiegirl, post pics of yours for us, too! The more, the merrier!
  11. I completely missed this! I love the color :love: Great choice, Jill! :nuts:
  12. Ok -I decided to put my cute LV bandeau on my Edith..I think it was really cute..Then my 9 year old walks in and says....THAT does not belong on that bag!! I was like...Excuse me???!!!!!so she ought to know better than to put a LV scarf on a CHLOE bag...she thought it was like the MOST awful thing I could have done..I laughed so hard...and yes..I am so GLAD my PHH didnt hear that!!I am gonna post pics of it with the Perf bandeau on it and you guys can give me your opinion!!
    PS-The Edith went out tonight to a school function..A woman with a new Chanel bag almost got whiplash when she saww it....hee!hee! LOL! LOVE!
  13. PS- CONGRATS GeorgieGirl...sniff...we have Edith twins!lol!
  14. ^^
    :lol: :lol: :lol: I love both of your stories Jill!
  15. Jill that is hilarious!:lol: Your daughter sounds just about ready for the boards!