New Chamois Edith!!

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  1. Thanks a lot ET and Blugenie,I have a PHH:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: !!!!!!!!! And I guess the N stands for non,then:lol:

    Too are women after my own heart:P .
  2. Oui! :biggrin:
  3. Great photo's! Pretty bag but it would take me 0.2 seconds to stain, smear, or in some other way ruin the bag! What can I say light bags and me don't mix.
    Love your photo's though!!!
    enjoy her!
  4. Reminds me of the time my DH (aka NPHH ALASPOHCC) and I were shopping in Rome...DH (aka NPHH As Long As She Pays Off Her Credit Cards) says to the SA "Gracias". SA and I both laugh hysterically. Honey, we are in Italy not Spain...
  5. :lol: :lol:

    Gee, just imagine the acronyms we could come up with for all the DHs who put up with such shenanigans!
  6. Ha, ha, before blugenie deciphered the acroynm, I thought it was Non-Paying House Husband!! You can tell who the single girl is in here, LOL!
  7. Gee, which would be more difficult, a PHH or Roey's NPHH??!!
  8. Wow. I'm amazed at all the new and gorgeous bags posted here today. It gets better and better. Love your new bag! Congratulations!
  9. Love it, Jill!! It really does look beautiful in this color....doesn't look like a briefcase at all.
  10. beautiful bag jill. i'm beginning to think I should have ordered the chamois instead of the whiskey after seeing your bag. i hope you enjoy your new bag!
  11. Wow your bag is gorgeous! The leather looks great in those pics. Love the Chamois color - congrats!:biggrin:
  12. *I am not going to buy the chamois...I am not going to buy the chamois...*

    Don't forget to post a pic in the "Documenting Chloe Colours" thread for future reference!

    *I am not going to buy the chamois...I am not going to buy the chamois...*
  13. ^^That's like me^^^

    mantra: I will not keep the chocolate - I will not keep the chocolate!!

    One of the appeals of the chocolate for me is that it would be much harder to stain - and would age less??

    All the Edith's are beautiful though!
  14. Ah, but the whiskey will age more BEAUTIFULLY! And it is not as light as it looks in the photos...unless in direct sunlight, it is a deep rich reddish brown color. I don't think it would show dirt easily. I have a chocolate Hogan weekend bag that shows wear more due to the dark color than some of my "medium" color bags.
  15. ^^Ooo! That's good to know. I *think* I will fall in love with the Whiskey - it should be here tomorrow - I can't wait!!!!