New Chamois Edith!!

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  1. Its fleshy..NOT yellow..I look like I am jaundice when I wear I stay away from it!!LOL!it looks just the the dustbag pics...I have to say the quality of leather looked sooo much better in this color..The whiskey looked like plastic compared to HER!
  2. gorgeous!!! I wish I wasn't such a klutz! I love the color, but am certain i'd ruin it with my clumsy ways. enjoy your new baby! when can you show her to your hubby? or will you pull the "oh, this old thing?" ploy? LOL!
  3. So would you say it has a pink-y undertone? Sounds fabulous! Wish I could see it in person!!!
  4. Jill, Congrats! Glad you had a successful trip to Saks!
  5. Oooohh I love that color! I got my whiskey edith today but no pics tonight- hubby is home. I have a PHH too:lol: I'm still on the fence about the whiskey edith......but I really like the chamois. It's so hard when you purchase from a pic and can't see it IRL.
  6. Wow that color really makes the bag look stylish not briefcase-ish! Enjoy your Edith and thanks for managing to post pics for us.
  7. Congrats, Jill. The bag looks lovely; I really like this color. Thanks for the pictures. Enjoy.
  8. Oooh that looks beautiful! I just showed your pic to my NPHH and he says he likes it better than the whisky! (which is coming tomorrow :amazed: ) He doesn't hate them, but darn-it he always prefers the ones other than what I order or keep! :suspiciou
  9. Oh it's lovely! Edith is growing on me but I still don't think it's worth the price. However if I had all the money to spend in the world.... :P
  10. Congrats Jill!! Great bag...I like the colour in your pics better than the one I saw on TFS.

    I am rolling with laughter at your stealthily sneaking out to the car to avoid your DH though...I can totally relate:lol: :lol: :lol: .
  11. What is a PHH? And an NPHH? Sounds like something I have to know...:lol:
  12. Congrats, Jill! I absolutely love the chamois color! I sure hope to get one soon! :love: :love: :love:
  13. Jill, love your new bag. BEAUTIFUL!
  14. PHH = purse hating hubby
    NPHH = non?
  15. Jill started it - PHH - purse-hating-hubby :lol: :lol: Mine's a Non-PHH, but he DID just bust me for calling Saks in our state! BIG EYE-ROLL! :shame:

    Well they don't carry Chloe and the SA wasn't about to help me locate one... so she lost a sure sale :hrmm: I guess I'll call PA in the AM or feel safe from having too many bags to choose from... :unsure: