New Chamois Edith!!

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  1. I just went to Saks...with the intent of loving the Whiskey Edith...I hated it!(SORRY CHLOE BAG LOVERS!)

    The chamois was so much nicer IRL!! I got it! LOVE IT ...will post pics as soon as hubby goes away...(HEE!HEE!)

    They had a bunch of Chamois and Whiskey at Saks Bala Cynwyd....1-610-667-1550 X-258,Ask for Donna....she has them right now...if you must have one like I did!!
  2. hhahahaa hurry up DH go away, so we can see the beautiful pics.. !!
  3. How could you hate the Whiskey color?? It's gorgeous!

    BUT.... I officially have a Chamois one coming to me so I could see for myself.

    Congrats--can't wait for pics!!
  4. Aww - I still love the Whiskey (just wondering what didn't you like about it??????)

    Did they have the "large" size or just the medium? If they did have the large - what did it look like in real life?

    Love to see some pictures though!
  5. Ooh! Can't wait to see your pics! I am dying to see the chamois color. Is it a really rich color, or more beige? What is their return policy?
  6. Congrats on the new bag!

    *stands in line to see Chamois pics* Lol!
  7. ok-the bag is"hiding" in my car......the reason I hated the whiskey is because it was next to the AMAZING chamois is soooooooo much nicer looking than the whiskey.The leather just looks like a better quality...thought the whiskey looked "cheap" next to it...sorry!I want to be 100% honest..I got the Medium...they tagged them wrong,they only had mediums..I even used my 300 Saks it was alot less...yeah!!! pics coming..I am gonna make my hubby put my little one to bed...then I will sneak out to the car...and take pics for you!!!!
    Yes...I am so pathetic.....
  8. Oh please hurry...I have a feeling I will be needing to make a phone call after I see your pics...
  9. ET- Saks has a great return policy...return anytime! ANY Saks.....try to get it while you will love it..Its tan...but kind of fleshy.....Will show you pics asap....PHH(stands for PURSE HATING HUBBY,My newest abbreviation!) has to go away first!
  10. congrats jill! can't wait to see your pics!
  11. TA DA!!!!!!! I gotta hurry.......!!!...Its kind of dark in here..its not yellow at all.....the color is like a nude shade in real life.

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  12. Look at the last pic...close up...the pic in the dust bag..that is closer to the color IRL!
  13. Oooh how pretty! The dustbag pic - looks somewhat like the taupe colour on a paddy. Would u say that's about right?

    Congrats! No wonder you love her so!
  14. is kind of like the taupe paddy..thats why I told you guys to look at that pic...its a better color..the flash distorts the front of the it!
  15. Love it! So happy for you! So it's not yellow at all? I know the flash made my whiskey look it a bit deeper than in the pics, or really a pale flesh color? And you had a gift card, too! Lucky girl!!!